Hound of the Baskervilles Personalized Novel

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England's greatest detective will be needed to solve the mysterious goings on at Baskerville Hall. Sir Conan Doyle's most iconic character takes on a new name in this personalized classic crime novel. If you know a budding detective, or Holmes fan who would appreciate appearing within this story, this is the perfect book. Keeping true to the authentic publication, your personalized classic has a cover that has been specifically designed to replicate a first edition novel. Alongside your starring detective, there are up to 5 more characters that can be personalized, these include: Dr. Watson, Sherlock's faithful companion and narrator of this tale; Sir Henry Baskerville, the target of a murder plot; Sir Charles Baskerville, the recently deceased uncle of Henry, who's mysterious death is investigated by Holmes; Sir Hugo Baskerville, the initiator of the Baskerville family curse; and Jack Stapleton, a gentleman former schoolmaster with a deadly scheme. Please be aware that only first names of the characters are amended and they will keep their original gender throughout the story.